kinship family image In Arizona, 44 percent of children in foster care are placed in unlicensed kinship homes. (statistic image)

Kinship Care

You stepped forward to help the children, now let us help you...

We understand the challenges that kinship caregivers and relatives undertake when they unexpectedly find themselves becoming the “placement” for children in the Arizona foster care system. We appreciate the sacrifices you make by doing so and AASK is here to support you. Because you cared enough to say ‘yes’ to stepping forward to help the children, we care and are committed to helping you.

We understand that you need answers to many questions now! As soon as you enroll in our licensing program you will have access to a wide-range of family support groups and resources designed specifically for relatives and other adults providing kinship care. The AASK Kinship Team will help you explore options for short term financial assistance through State programs such as TANF, food stamps, and WIC. Our experience and expertise combined with information found on AZ Family Resources have helped thousands of kinship caregivers get the assistance they need.

Our kinship foster care program is designed to ensure that all kinship caregivers have the chance to become successful foster parents. We recognize that ‘family’ relationships make a big difference in the lives of children.

The Importance of Family

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Once you become licensed and qualify for a monthly foster care reimbursement from the state, we will continue to advocate on your behalf and remain a valuable support system for you. We will help you navigate the court system, behavioral health care and schools, and accompany you to kinship care meetings as needed. By becoming a licensed kinship care family through AASK, you gain a partner, not just an agency. You’ll be better equipped and empowered as you and the children in your care move forward to create a successful life together. 

If you are interested in becoming a licensed kinship family, please take the next steps to learn more.

Kinship care is full time care of children by relatives, family friends or any adult who has a strong bond with the child. When birth parents are no longer able to care for their children, it can be extremely beneficial for the children to become foster children with a relative or family friend. Because the children stay with a loving adult they already know and trust, this type of kinship foster care provides much-needed stability and comfort during very difficult times.

Every year in Maricopa County, thousands of grandparents, aunts and uncles, older siblings and family friends assume the role of foster parent and provide day-to-day care for these children. AASK’s kinship care program provides services and resources for caregivers tasked with this important role.

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