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Meet the Kids

“My life could have been so different had only one adult looked me in the eye and told me I was worthy.”
— Nancy, foster care alumna

Meet Gauge!

Foster Child ProfileGauge is a well-spoken 15 year old that knows what he wants and goes for it. A recent hobby of Gauge’s is welding. He is taking a skills class and really enjoys his time in the shop. Gauge also enjoys swimming and playing games. Gauge expressed that when he gets older he would like to be a mechanic and serve his country or be an architect. Gauge has been described as talkative, hardworking, smart, funny, and a great advocate for himself.

Gauge is in the 8th grade and has anIndividual Education Plan in placeto better meet his academic needs.

Gauge would do well in any family setting. He does well with children of all ages and would be open to having a few siblings. He will do best with a structured and consistent routine. He will also need a strong male figure, but one who does not come off too stern.

For more information about Gauge, please contact us at (602) 930-4466 or via e-mail at