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Mentors offer counsel and consistency, steadiness and support to children and youth living in non-family settings such as group homes, etc. A mentor may be the only consistent relationship – the only semblance of family – in the life of a child moved from group home to group home.

A mentor helps build the self-esteem and self-confidence of a child by sharing in accomplishments and milestones. A mentor encourages the development of new interests, aspirations and skills.

A few hours a month can shape a future. Youth who have at least one stable adult in their lives, such as a mentor, are less likely to use illegal drugs and more likely to do well academically.

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Volunteers with the AASK mentoring program are matched with children and youth from two age groups, based on their personal interests and mentoring skills.

  • Younger children (ages 9-15) - Become extended family for the child, joining them in fun activities, helping with homework or just being there when they need to talk.
  • Older youth (ages 16-21) - Build a relationship with that youth, helping them develop essential life skills as they transition into adulthood.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor to a child in foster care, please take the next steps to learn more.

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