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Sibling Connection Volunteers

Sibling relationships are among the most important we have in life. But children in foster care are often separated from their brothers and sisters with no guarantee of regular visits. Sibling Connection volunteers helps siblings stay connected, strengthening the bonds between brothers and sisters.

Local Sibling Events

Because siblings in foster care may be placed separately all over the Valley, volunteers are needed to transport and supervise children at monthly events hosted by AASK. Siblings spend time together as a family at activities and events throughout the year. Brothers and sisters may bowl, tour a farm, or see a ball game – creating happy memories.

AASK Annual Sibling Summer Camp

Our next Sibling Camp will be in 2025. Recruiting will start in January of 2025.

Sibling Camp is a highlight of the year and reunites siblings for a weeklong adventure at Camp Tontozona in Payson. The children create memories that will last a lifetime – celebrating birthdays, horseback riding, hiking, swimming in the creek.

Without our local events and summer camp to preserve connections, these siblings might otherwise lose each other while separated in foster care. You can make a difference by facilitating these important relationships.