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"What we really need is someone who least just one." - Alyssa, youth in foster care.


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When the Anderson family became adoptive parents, they knew they wanted to help siblings in foster care stay together because of the strong relationships siblings have. They couldn’t imagine children being separated from the only people who truly understood what they were feeling.

Even after the Anderson’s adopted three siblings their commitment didn’t end. The family keeps their home ready just in case a fourth sibling is born, ensuring every sibling will have a strong relationship with each other as one family.

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Brandon spent most of his life in foster care, typically moving from home to home when his behavior became too much for the family. He never felt like he had a good relationship with anyone who was a parental figure.

Then he met the Greene family who promised Brandon they were always going to be family.

Every time Brandon had a bad day or outburst his foster parents would remind him of the relationship they have. That he was still loved even if he made a mistake but they weren’t sure if he truly believed it.

That is until he was picked up from school one day. It had been a rough day and Brandon was disappointed in how he had behaved. As they drove home, his foster mom heard him whispering over and over again:

“Just because I made a mistake doesn’t mean they don’t love me.”

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At 19-years-old Julie was out in the world having spent most of her childhood in foster care with adults coming in and out of her life. She wanted someone she could trust and who would help her navigate the early stages of adulthood.

Meeting her mentor was life changing. As their relationship grew, Julie confided in her mentor that she was eager to get her driver’s license to increase her independence and expand her housing and employment opportunities. For her, a driver’s license was the key to a successful life.

Julie’s mentor was more than happy to not only help Julie get her driver’s license but to learn how to take care of a car and how to budget for expenses. Julie is now confident she can do anything she puts her mind to and knows that her strong relationship with her mentor means she will be there to help every step of the way.

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With excellent training and resources along every step of the foster care licensing process, AASK has helped thousands of families provide life changing relationships to children in the Arizona foster care system.