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AASK: Supporting Children and Families in Arizona Foster Care

With excellent training and resources along every step of the foster care licensing process, AASK has helped thousands of families provide care for children in the Arizona foster care system.

Temporary foster care license in Arizona.

License Process

The Department of Child Safety sets the standards for obtaining the foster care license in Arizona. The general objective of a foster care agency is to protect children. To achieve this goal, our AASK Agency has designed exclusive programs to certify Latino families and thus offer a healthy home full of love to children within the temporary system.

AASK has challenging deadlines to meet, so it is important to train families and be ready to complete a training where they will learn to know more about these children their origin and why they entered the Arizona temporary system as well as learn more of the temporal system.

The first step is to attend a completely free and Spanish information session, an admission interview, home study and an advanced and proven training consisting of 15 hours of face-to-face classes taught by expert AASK trainers and online videos you can view at home.

Our bilingual specialists will provide you step-by-step support during the process and after your certification.

The Temporary Parenting System.

Foster Care

Thousands of children exist in the Arizona foster care system and this number is growing more and more. Children who enter the temporary system because they have been removed from their biological parents and need a foster home and a temporary family to receive them while the State decides their future.

AASK is one of the largest foster care agencies in the State of Arizona and we have the resources to help provide that home to a child in foster care that is so critical for them. The function of a family of temporary care is to be able to intervene in the life of a child in a stressful, overwhelming and truly difficult time for them and provide a stable and safe relationship.

In many cases where adoption is most convenient in the plan of these children in foster care, AASK can also facilitate the adoption certification process.

AASK programs are the product of our decades of experience as a leading Arizona foster care agency. Our programs provide you with the training, resources and ongoing support necessary to obtain a successful foster care experience.

Start your foster care journey today and take the first step in providing a foster home to a child in need.

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Who is AASK?

Who is AASK?

AASK, is one of the most recognized foster care agencies in Arizona. Since 1988, we have been helping children of all ages and backgrounds who are in the foster care system. Our mission is to ensure that every child in foster care in Arizona has someone who cares deeply for them.

We have witnessed again and again the immense difference it makes when a child has a committed and affectionate adult in his life. We recruit, train and support families that are building relationships with children through foster care. We know that relationships are important.

We also know that relationships are hard work, so our programs and services are designed with the well-being of the whole family in mind. Our goal is to make the job of providing a foster home as easy as possible.

If you are ready to play your part in the critical work of providing foster care, we are here to help. Come to an information session to learn more and make a difference in the lives of these children.

For help in Spanish call 602-930-4499.