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Meet the Kids

“My life could have been so different had only one adult looked me in the eye and told me I was worthy.”
— Nancy, foster care alumna

Meet Miracle, William and Jaeden!

Foster Child ProfileMiracle, William and Jaeden are full of such energy and life. Miracle at age 8 is the leader of the pack with her super social personality. Miracle likes to make friends, is competitive with her siblings and prefers to be active outside. Miracle wants to tell you all about herself and what she enjoys; arts and crafts, jumping rope, playing with toys, dancing, volleyball and swimming to name a few. William at age 10 is kind hearted and loving. He excels in drawing, math, science, video games, basketball, swimming, Legos, reading and superhero’s. He is very close to his older brother. Jaeden at age 12 is the oldest and the protective older brother. Jaeden is active and has a passion in sports such as soccer and basketball, listening to music, playing video games and animals.

The children have a close relationship and want to be adopted together.

At school, all of the children have IEP’s that allow them to be successful in the classroom. The siblings say that adoption means, "Someone who will take care of you... It's when you move to someone's house forever." The siblings are very interested in adoption and hope to find that forever family. The siblings would love to have their own room, parents who will focus on them and maybe a family pet. The ideal family would be a one or two parent home that can provide the structure and boundaries and consistent, loving, patient parenting they need to thrive.

For more information about Miracle, William and Jaeden, please contact us at (602) 930-4466 or via e-mail at