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Meet the Kids

“My life could have been so different had only one adult looked me in the eye and told me I was worthy.”
— Nancy, foster care alumna

Meet Brian!

Foster Child ProfileHelping others is always at the forefront of Brian’s mind. Everyone who knows him well always comes back to his desire to help and serve others. The fifteen-year-old has even purchased stuffed animals at a yard sale to give to people at a senior center.

When Brian is not helping others, he is usually partaking in hobbies that allow him to express his creativity. Whether he is doing wood carvings, building robots, or writing stories, Brian’s imagination is always going. He also likes to use cooking as a creative outlet, and hopes to become a chef when he is older because it brings him so much joy to cook for others.

Brian also dreams of a family to call his own. The teen does well with structure and would thrive in a loving two-parent household with older siblings. He also likes dogs and would love to have a family pet if possible. Brian does have some educational struggles and needs parents who will support him as he overcomes these obstacles.

For more information about Brian, please contact AASK at (602) 930-4900 or via e-mail at