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Family Support

In addition to helpful services which may be provided by state and federal governments, AASK provides a variety of family support services to help adoptive families stay happy, healthy and together.

State &Federal Support

Monthly Maintenance Payment:
Adoptive families may receive monies monthly to help with expenses related to their children's special needs.

Medical/Therapeutic Services:
The state may assist with an adopted child's medical/therapeutic expenses that are not covered by the family's private insurance.

With prior state approval, families can receive professional in-home child care for their adopted children.

Non-Recurring Reimbursement:
The state of Arizona may reimburse families up to $2,000 for special needs adoption expenses.

Federal Tax Credit:
Families that adopt a child with special needs domestically are eligible for a federal tax credit.

AASK Support and Provisions

At AASK, we know that the hard work begins the day your adoptive child moves into your home. We have a team devoted to supporting and nurturing your family for a lifetime.

Post-Placement Support Coordinator:
Provides adoptive families access to valuable resources, including family mentoring and support groups, fully-sponsored admission to AASK and other agency trainings, 24-hour family assistance and therapeutic referrals for families in crisis.

Free tickets to community and sporting events:
As an active family with AASK, you will have opportunities to receive complimentary tickets to Concerts, the Arizona Ballet, Phoenix Mercury games, and Arizona Diamondbacks games to name a few.

AASK Annual Spring Picnic and Holiday Party:
Active families will enjoy AASK’s annual Spring Picnic with free food, games and outdoor camaraderie with other families. Our annual Holiday party begins the seasonal festivities with Santa Claus, cookie decorating, arts &crafts, free food and professional family portraits.

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