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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for AASK for Home Based Services?

Any person receiving services through Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD), or the current Regional Behavior Health Authority (RBHA), is eligible for HCBS services. Contact your case manager to see if you qualify.

What services does AASK for HCBS provide?

AASK for HCBS provides the following services:

Respite services involve the supervision and/or care of persons residing at home in order to provide an interval of rest and/or relief to the person and/or primary care givers and may include a range of activities to meet the social, emotional, and physical needs of the person during the respite period.

Habilitation services involve teaching independent living skills, functional independence, and social skills to an individual.

Attendant Care:
Attendant Care services involve the provision of support activities to assist an individual in the areas of personal care, activities of daily living, and maintaining a safe and sanitary living environment.

Complete description of DDD services
Complete description of RBHA services

Where can I have HCBS services provided?

Services are provided as requested by the family in the family's home and/or in the community. DDD-funded services can occur in the Provider's home when the Provider's home is certified by OLCR (Office of Licensing, Certification, and Regulation).

Will I receive progress updates?

Yes. AASK regularly attends ISP/CFT meetings with you and your case manager/ support coordinator.

Can my Provider care for other members in the home?

No, they cannot. AASK is only authorized to provide services for the individual with a funding source.

Do I get a say in who becomes my provider?

Yes. All families are encouraged to meet their potential new Provider and interview them to see if it is a personality match, as well as training level and availability match.

What if my Provider doesn't show up?

Contact the AASK office immediately. We will do everything we can to find you a new Provider.

My 18 year old daughter has been doing the services for free. Can she be paid to do it?

Yes. AASK will happily hire your family member, friend, babysitter, child's church counselor, or teacher as a provider for your child. They must meet AASK's qualifications and attend our required trainings and follow agency and contractual requirements. Please see the HCBS employment page for how to apply.

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